There are many useful copywriter resources scattered across the internet, such as Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins. As resources are encountered, they will be added here. If you know of a resource that should be listed, please use the contact form to send in the link to it.

Books (free)

Elements of Style (website) or Elements of Style (Kindle)
Free E-books for Writers and Freelancers
Obvious Adams: The Story of a Successful Businessman (It’s obviously good reading for any marketer!)
Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins. This classic should be required reading for any copywriter. Even though the paper was written in 1923, the principles remain true today. This version is from John Forde’s excellent Copywriter’s Roundtable website, in his 2009 blog post about Claude Hopkins.
Tested Sentences That Sell by Elmer Wheeler (“Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle!”)

Career Advice

Five Ways to Jumpstart Your Copywriting Career Today
Getting Started in Copywriting in 30 Days – by Gary Halbert
How to Become a Freelance Copywriter – the WHOLE Truth
– by Clayton Makepeace

Copy Checkers (also see: Grammar and Proofreading)

Carlin Ad-Speak Calculator
Readability Index Calculator
WeWe Monitor
(also see It’s the Customer, Stupid)
Writing Sample Analyzer

Copywriting Professionals

Bob Bly
Carline Anglade-Cole

Clayton Makepeace
(also see the Organized Guide to the Clayton Makepeace site)
Dan Kennedy
(One of his various websites)
Daniel Levis

David Garfinkel

Drayton Bird

Frank Kern

Gary Bencivenga

Gary Halbert (also see the Organized Guide to the Gary Halbert site)
Harlan Kilstein

Ivan Levison

JC Manheimer

Joe Vitale

John Carlton

John Forde’s Copywriter’s Roundtable

Kent Komae (blog)
Michel Fortin

Yanik Silver

Fees and Pricing

8 Rules for Setting Your Freelance Copywriting Fees
Copywriter Salaries and Fees
Copywriter Salaries by Company on Copywriter Salaries

Grammar and Proofreading (also see: Copy Checkers) (free in-depth English/ESL/EFL lessons, tutorials, interactive exercises, and resources) (website with lots of good English information)
Editor (software for proofreading and style checking)
Stylewriter (software for writing and editing)
Whitesmoke (spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, and structure checker)
Whitesmoke’s free online grammar checker


10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work
7 More Sure-Fire Headline Templates

Headline Analyzer

How to Write Headlines That Work

Helpful Copywriting Websites

Copywriter’s Clearinghouse
Jeff Sexton’s 85+ Copywriting Resources

ProCopyTips Copywriting Tips


Email Marketing 101 (series)
Marketing Experiments
Writer’s Guide to Marketing

Portfolio Building

10 Tips to a Perfect Portfolio
10 Tips to Creating Spec Ads

Tutorials Tutorials (series)
Copywriting 101

Sales Letters

12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template
21-Step Sales Letter Formula
The Best Sales Letter Template Ever

Split Testing

Google Website Optimizer
Split Testing Tips, Tool, and Software

Split Testing in WordPress

Which Test Won?


Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 Rules of Creative Writing
The Hero’s Journey – classic outlines for storytelling

Swipe Files

Advertising Copy Swipes (website)
Blog Headlines Swipe File (from Steve Scott’s website)
Copywriter’s Clearinghouse (newsletters and articles from many copywiters)
Gary Halbert’s GF Ad

Gary Halbert’s Favorite Ads
(as listed in his Hands-on Experience posting)
Hard to Find Ads
Info Marketing Blog
Wall Street Journal’s “Two Young Men” letter
Who’s Mailing What DM archive (subscription website by Denny Hatch)

The Power of…

My Shocking Confession by Clayton Makepeace
The Power of One – One Big Idea


Jay Abraham: Using Amazon to Write Quick Copy
The Story of a Sign (“Historia de un Letero” – award-winning short film by Spanish filmmaker Alonso Alvarez Barreda)
The Power of Words
(great video, later English variation of “The Story of a Sign”)


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