was started in 2012 as an independent website for copywriters.

With well over a hundred copywriting books in one place, sorted by categories, the site is a valuable time-saving resource for copywriters. also has independent reviews of copywriting books, and a resource section that just keeps growing.

That’s the dry marketing fluff – the real story is a little more interesting.

This website was built because I kept running into great book recommendations, websites, and postings with really good information for copywriters. Since it was much more efficient to organize everything in one place, this website was started. A web development client wanted to know more about building Amazon stores, so I took that concept and applied it here.The result is this website – a complete functioning Amazon affiliate store showcasing the most-recommended copywriting books, and a copywriting resources section that grows a little bigger almost every day.

Carefully selected copywriting books at great Amazon pricing.

Please note that the books posted and/or reviewed here are made available through Amazon’s affiliate program. Your price is exactly the same as if you bought it directly from Amazon, but with the added convenience of having the books carefully selected and sorted specifically for copywriters. Every book here has been recommended by two or more professional copywriters.

And for much, much more…

Some of you may know me from the excellent Warrior forum, where many of the top copywriters of today can be found in the copywriting section. Like any forum, there is plenty of advice, learning, and feedback to be found there, and not only for copywriters. It is a resource that is well worth visiting.

Enjoy the site, and if you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.